Music PlayLists
      1. Madonna Speech Music by Reservoir Dogs

      2. Waltz In The 4th Dimension Music by Donnie Darko

      3. Old Souls (Alternate) Music by Inception

      4. A Game Of Chess Music by The Bodyguard

      5. The Surrender (La Resa) Music by Inglourious Basterds

      6. Queen Of The Night Music by The Bodyguard

      7. The Shark Approaches (Alternate) Music by Jaws

      8. Severe Severing Music by Premonition

      9. Wild Shark Theme Music by Jaws

      10. The Sword Music by The Bodyguard

      11. Tug On The Line Music by Jaws

      12. Rosie Darko Music by Donnie Darko

      13. Just Ask Melanie Music by Jackie Brown

      14. The Man With The Big Sombrero Music by Inglourious Basterds

      15. Tracking Calls Music by Zero Dark Thirty

      16. Inside My Love Music by Jackie Brown

      17. Inconsistencies Music by Premonition

      18. Monkeys Music by Zero Dark Thirty

      19. Balawi Music by Zero Dark Thirty

      20. Premonition Music by Premonition

      21. Hooked On A Feeling Music by Reservoir Dogs

      22. Head Over Heels Music by Donnie Darko

      23. Quint Meets His End Music by Jaws

      24. Cobb's Memories Music by Inception

      25. Reconciliation Music by The Bodyguard

      26. Beaumont's Lament Music by Jackie Brown

      27. Under The Milky Way Music by Donnie Darko

      28. Magic Carpet Ride Music by Reservoir Dogs

      29. Ammar Music by Zero Dark Thirty

      30. Home Of Rock Music by Reservoir Dogs

      31. Linda And Jim Music by Premonition

      32. Dream Within a Dream (Different Version) Music by Inception

      33. Slaughter Music by Inglourious Basterds

      34. Time (Different Version) Music by Inception

      35. Who Is He (And What Is He to You?) Music by Jackie Brown

      36. White Lightning (Main Title) Music by Inglourious Basterds



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