Music PlayLists
      1. Learning The Game (Single Version) Music by Juno

      2. I'm Wrong About Everything Music by High Fidelity

      3. Photograph Music by Me Before You

      4. Kissing You (Love Theme) Music by Romeo + Juliet

      5. I Just Can't Wait To Be King Music by The Lion King

      6. Hakuna Matata Music by The Lion King

      7. One Day I'll Fly Away Music by Moulin Rouge!

      8. Let's Get It On Music by High Fidelity

      9. Hindi Sad Diamonds Music by Moulin Rouge!

      10. Tears Of Joy Music by Inside Out

      11. Attack On Murron Music by Braveheart

      12. Rush To Hospital Music by Me Before You

      13. Juliet's Requiem Music by Romeo + Juliet

      14. Closet Romantic Music by Trainspotting

      15. Pretty Piece Of Flesh Music by Romeo + Juliet

      16. Most Of The Time Music by High Fidelity

      17. Anyone Else But You (Michael Cera And Ellen Page) Music by Juno

      18. The Games Music by Brave (Film)

      19. Vampire Music by Juno

      20. Show Us The Way Music by Brave (Film)

      21. Team Building Music by Inside Out

      22. The Subconscious Basement Music by Inside Out

      23. We Are All Connected Music by The Lion King

      24. Fate And Destiny Music by Brave (Film)

      25. Viva La Persistance Music by Juno

      26. Mufasa Dies Music by The Lion King

      27. Born Slippy Music by Trainspotting

      28. O... Saya Music by Slumdog Millionaire

      29. Introduction To Romeo (Feat. Music By Radiohead) Music by Romeo + Juliet

      30. Merida Rides Away Music by Brave (Film)

      31. Elephant Love Medley Music by Moulin Rouge!

      32. Falkirk Music by Braveheart

      33. For The Love Of A Princess Music by Braveheart

      34. Dreams On Fire Music by Slumdog Millionaire

      35. A Gift Of A Thistle Music by Braveheart

      36. Temptation Music by Trainspotting

      37. Ringa Ringa Music by Slumdog Millionaire

      38. Paper Planes (DFA Remix) Music by Slumdog Millionaire

      39. Your Song Music by Moulin Rouge!

      40. Meet Will Music by Me Before You

      41. Carmen Suite No.2 Music by Trainspotting

      42. Oh! Sweet Nuthin' Music by High Fidelity

      43. Chasing Down Sadness Music by Inside Out

      44. Don't Forget About Me Music by Me Before You



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