Music PlayLists
      1. Viva La Persistance Music by Juno

      2. Anyone Else But You (Michael Cera And Ellen Page) Music by Juno

      3. Vampire Music by Juno

      4. Learning The Game (Single Version) Music by Juno

      5. Fate And Destiny Music by Brave (Film)

      6. The Games Music by Brave (Film)

      7. Show Us The Way Music by Brave (Film)

      8. Merida Rides Away Music by Brave (Film)

      9. Pre-Seance - Seance Music Music by The Addams Family

      10. The Mooche (Duke Ellington, Irving Mills) Music by The Addams Family

      11. Seances And Swordfights Music by The Addams Family

      12. Playmates (The Kipper Kids) Music by The Addams Family

      13. You Can Get It If You Really Want Music by Hitch

      14. Turn Me On Music by Hitch

      15. Love Train Music by Hitch

      16. Ooh Wee Music by Hitch

      17. Nomanisone Island - National Movers Music by Inside Out

      18. The Forgetters Music by Inside Out

      19. Dream Productions Music by Inside Out

      20. Free Skating Music by Inside Out

      21. Off For A Scroll Music by Toy Story 3

      22. You've Got A Friend In Me (Randy Newman) Music by Toy Story 3

      23. I Will Go Sailing No More (Instrumental Version) Music by Toy Story 3

      24. Venga Conmigo Music by Toy Story 3

      25. Let's Get It On Music by High Fidelity

      26. I'm Wrong About Everything Music by High Fidelity

      27. Lo Boob Oscillator Music by High Fidelity

      28. Most Of The Time Music by High Fidelity

      29. I Need Some Sleep Music by Shrek 2

      30. Livin' La Vida Loca Music by Shrek 2

      31. Leaving Home Music by Shrek 2

      32. Get The Wand Music by Shrek 2

      33. Temptation Music by Trainspotting

      34. Closet Romantic Music by Trainspotting

      35. Born Slippy Music by Trainspotting

      36. Our Lips Are Sealed Music by Trainspotting

      37. Help Me Guys! Music by Madagascar

      38. New york city surprise Music by Madagascar

      39. Fur power Music by Madagascar

      40. Storking Stuffer Operation Music by Madagascar

      41. The Explorer Motel Music by Up

      42. Carl Goes Up Music by Up

      43. 52 Chachki Pickup Music by Up

      44. Escape From Muntz Mountain Music by Up



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